About Us


Want to know a little about us?

Over 2 years ago,  my three children inspired me with a dream. To find adorable and affordable clothing for mom's all across the world. In a very short time, we have grown from just providing cute boutique clothing to designing our very own lines! 

We know life is expensive and fast-paced. But, we believe, the most important thing on this earth is our children and their adorable smiles. Our brand not only is gentle on the skin but brings the best out in young children. Every piece is made with absolute love and magic. Our clothes are great for holidays, photo-shoots, special days, and everyday occasions while being easy on your wallet.

We work hard and diligently to find you the best, most unique, and affordable clothing we can find. We are always on the search for new and trendy items. Have a look around. I'm sure something will catch your eye.

Our Models:

 Evelyn (pictured on the left) is an adorable, spunky 7 year old. . Depending on if she has her sister by her side, she is two different personalities wrapped up in one beautiful package. Shy and quiet or loud and direct. She absolutely loves singing, dancing, and getting her picture taken. She is obsessed with Disney princesses, seahorses, and mermaids.

Kaizlee (pictured on the right) is definitely my little stardom in the making. She has absolutely NO FEAR when it comes to dancing, singing, or acting in front of an audience. She absolutely loves the attention and is quite the sassy drama queen but also the first to jump up and help momma where she needs it. She is obsessed with Minnie mouse and Tinkerbell.